Top TV Shows that make you cry

 TV Shows That Make You Cry

Alright, come on, out with it, what TV shows leave you in floods of tears? Be honest, male, female, man, woman and child, we’ve probably all sobbed our way through at least an episode of something, right? At the moment I’m hurriedly catching up on Grey’s Anatomy. Now I’m not sure if it’s the speed with which I am watching (in marathon sessions) or whether Grey’s Anatomy just manages to tug at my heart strings, but my God, I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much at a TV series before.

The last time I had a good sob – I’m fairly sure – was the final episode of Battlestar Galactica (yeah yeah call me sappy), but man, load up Grey’s Anatomy and I’m a mess. So what other shows get you sobbing? Any particular episodes you can think of that really broke you down? It’s so cool TV can affect us on such a deep level isn’t it. Oh this is the opposite of shows that feature lots of sobbing, that’s just annoying.


  1. Kelly

    surprisingly, criminal minds has caused me to shed quite a few tears. when they mess with those characters, who in most cases are already so broken, it almost physically hurts. especially in demonology (4.17) where they really pick on emily, and in 100 ….when hailey dies….its crippling!

  2. Cyndal

    The locator always makes me cry no matter what episode it is but especially when the one they are trying to find is dead or dying…it also makes it sadder when dying people are trying to find someone

  3. Cameron

    Chuck. Several times a season. I cry very easily! haha

  4. Sophie

    Doctor Who, the end scene of the episode Doomsday, gets me every time!
    rose: (to the doctor) i love you.
    the doctor: (to rose ) this will be the last time i can say it; rose tyler…(then the doctor fades away, then back in the tardis, the doctor cries while he was just gonna say ‘i love you too’, but it’s too late)

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