Top Gear USA canceled – Vroom!

Top Gear USA

Yes, NBC has confirmed that the American version of hit UK TV show Top Gear has been canceled. Most people who have seen it are no doubt relieved that they never have to see it again (yes I know they could just switch off, but I’m being dramatic).

Top Gear USA was relatively full of promise. The idea of having a remake of the UK show that dealt with American made cars was interesting to say the least. Also the fact that they probably had more money to play with than the UK version was also promising, however yet again, it’s just a case of the US remake being inferior to the original.

Now, surely, at some point US audiences, or perhaps that should be TV execs, will soon realize that they don’t need to make a US version of good shows. Have some faith that the American viewing public can watch shows from another country and just air the show as it was created. Recent recreations such as Kath and Kim, Top Gear and Life on Mars are terrible in comparison to the originals. It would be nice to think that Top Gear USA being canceled might make execs rethink this whole remake business, but sadly it probably won’t.


  1. Kurt

    GOOD! It sucked compared to the UK version.

  2. Mike hunt

    That’s fuckin gay the American top gear was sick and now people who have cable have to get dish to watch the British version that’s fuckin gay

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