The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret

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The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret

When British and American comedy merge, it doesn’t always work. Despite both being ‘comedy’, they’re two very different things, so it’s nice when something comes along that seems (so far) to manage this pairing in amusing fashion. Enter eponymous anti-hero Todd Margaret, a man who has trouble being assertive and a penchant for falling into trouble. Cue slightly cliche laughs.

Todd Margaret stars David Cross (Running Wilde, Arrested Development) who plays the part of Todd to a tee. It co stars Sharon Morgan (Pulling, Free Agents) and Will Arnett (Running Wild, Arrested Development) as peripheral characters propping up Cross in his bumblings.So is it worth watching? Well, the only real issue with Todd is that he’s so stupid, it’s hard to feel for him as each new disaster unfolds. Having said that, there is something about Todd Margaret that is likeable, probably in an odd twist the fact he is so utterly stupid. I liked this mix of US and UK comedy, hopefully the rest of the episodes will flesh it out a little more.

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