Seth Green joins Seth MacFarlane’s new show Dads

By Angela Dads

seth green dads

Seth MacFarlane isn’t all about the animations and hosting gigs, he’s also all about the live-action stuff, most notably, his new project “Dads”. The show is a sitcom (shocker!) that revolves around video game entrepreneurs Warner (played by Thomas Dewey) and Eli (played by Seth Green). The ‘comedy’ begins when their fathers movie in with them.

Oh ho ho ho let’s roll on cliche’d middle aged dads trying to fit in with the young gaming crowd? Ya Think? Who knows, but it doesn’t sound very riveting thus far, though it is nice to see Seth Green landing one of the leads as he is a gamer and voices video games, so he’ll hopefully lend some smarts so they don’t make gamers look ridiculous. Let’s assume this will get a pickup because, well, it’s Seth MacFarlane.

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