mily Owens M.D. axed by The CW

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emily owens md axed by the cw

Called it! “Emily Owens M.D.” is no more, with The CW cancelling the series. The original 13 episode order will still wrap production and at this stage all 13 will go to air. This is such a shame, one really has to wonder why on earth the writers and producers didn’t see what this shows obvious problems were and fix them.

“Emily Owens M.D.” could have been a fantastic show, the overall premise and quirk was definitely there and Mamie Gummer could have been the likeable lead with her crew of disparate friends and frenemies. Instead the writers concentrated less on actual stories and more on some weird high school teen series wherein all that mattered was the female lead making goo goo eyes at the ‘handsome’ cliche. We all yawned and changed the channel, now it’s paid the price.

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