James Callis headed to CSI Las Vegas

james callis CSI Las Vegas

“Battlestar Galactica” star James Callis is set to cause some problems for the team of “CSI: Las Vegas” when he appears as a journalist with a bit of a poison pen. That won’t be all of course, Callis is pegged as a major bad guy with a dark secret, ooh how exciting, oh wait, we’ve seen this before how many times? On the upside this is Callis and he does do self-centered bad guy very very well.

Since finishing work on “Battlestar Galactica” in which Callis played Gaius Baltar, Callis has gone on to numerous other roles, including a small recurring role on “Eureka”, a role in “Battlestar Galactica” creator Ron Moore’s failed pilot “17th Precinct” and most recently thriller “Dreck”.

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