Exit 19 becomes The Protector for Lifetime set to air 2011-2012

the protector ally walker

Fans of the 90′s cop show “Profiler” might be interested in this one. Ally Walker’s scripted police procedural “Exit 19″ has had a name change to “The Protector” by Lifetime Networks and is set to air in their 2011-2012 programming window.

As well as “The Protector”, Lifetime has another scripted police procedural titled “Against the Wall”, starring Rachael Carpani. That’s two female led police procedurals for the network, nice one Lifetime.

Via [TVGuruAU].

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  1. Roger Jones

    And in typical Lifetime style, they held up production for 3 hours while they debated changing an actor’s shirt. It’s just like Lifetime to stop everything to fight about someone’s shirt!

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