Do American’s watch the same shows from other countries?

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This is a TV question I’m throwing out there to people from the USA. Do you guys watch shows from other countries if there is a US version of that show? Here’s an example, in my house we watch American Idol, as well as Australian Idol. We watch The Biggest Loser (US and Australia – though I admit not much of the present season). We watch things like Kitchen Nightmares US and UK… a lot of cross over stuff. We also automatically get a fair bit of US advertising.

My question is, if there is a show that has other country equivalents, do US audiences watch them, or would you as one US friend put it to me “watch homegrown”. I find it really interesting how non US viewers are bombarded with US TV (and don’t we love it), but does it work both ways? I do wonder how many Australian series – for example – appear on US screens as naturally as the US version appears on ours.

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  1. nick

    I try to. The only show from Australia that made it here is Wilfred, but that is the american version. We don’t get Australian TV, but we do get british tv through BBC America. I have seen the UK Office, Original Top gear, and BBC sherlock but thats pretty much it, we dont get other countries tv.

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