Bored to Death

HBO axes How to Make It in America, Hung, Bored to Death

HBO has swung the axe and it’s hit “Bored to Death”, “Hung” and “How to Make It in America”. No additional episodes of those shows will be ordered, a real bummer for those of us invested in the business plans of Ben Epstein and Cam Calderon (“How to Make It in America”). It sucks when...
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Bored to Death with Jason Schwartzman back September 26

HBO has announced Jason Schwartzman vehicle “Bored to Death” will be back September 26. The show features Schwartzman as a writer with a drinking problem moonlighting as a detective. Wait a writer solving crimes, isn’t that what Castle does? Let’s not beat around the bush, you probably either love or hate Schwartzman and as for...
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New Bored to Death trailer shows guest stars

We mentioned HBO’s new dark comedy series Bored to Death way back in June. The show starring Jason Schwartzman as – Jonathon Ames – a writer turned moonlighting detective also features Ted Danson and man of the moment Zack Galifinakis. HBO premiers Bored to Death September 20. You can check out the trailer below.
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HBO’s new comedy Bored to Death

Jason Schwartzman’s face bugs me, there I said it. So the trailer for HBO’s new show Bored to Death didn’t do much for me. It does have a great cast though – Schwartzman’s face aside – including Ted Danson, Parker Posey and Zach Galifianakis. Now you’re interested aren’t you. The original HBO show follows the...
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