Breaking Bad bids farewell – Were you happy with the finale?

breaking bad finale

Needless to say this post will contain spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the series finale of “Breaking Bad”, no really, don’t read on if you’re not up to date. Right, got it, here we go… Holy crap bitches, that episode was off the hook! How much could the writers of “Dexter” have learned from the writers of “Breaking Bad”? THAT is how you do a series finale.

First up we got all the loose ends tied up, we got redemption for some, a final hurrah for others and of course those we know deserved a dirt nap, were put to sleep forever.  The finale was – for all intents and purposes – superb, sure Walt never got a ‘happy’ ending, but that would have been weird “hey Walt, your cancer is gone, you’re going to be okay, Skylar still loves you and for turning states evidence you’re free… huzzah!!”. Instead we got true closure and Walter White gained something he’d wanted all along, peace. Farewell “Breaking Bad”, you were and always will remain, amazing…. Bitches!

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