American Idol has format changes to keep it fresh

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 American Idol format changes

American Idol and all it’s international versions has been one of the biggest reality franchises on TV. Propelling not only the contestants, but also the judges to international fame, Idol has continued to grab ratings when needed and is still high on the list of priorities over at Fox.

Seems that it’s time for some changes to the format though in order to keep the show fresh. Fox officials have been pressed to confirm some of the changes that were leaked on the Internet recently and perhaps the biggest surprise is that the show aims to focus less on the auditions and more on the competition.

I’m not sure this is really a great idea. I love watching the auditions, it’s my favorite part. Yes, we know that they put through the idiots only for our entertainment, but isn’t that where the fun is at? Seems that Fox want the show taken a little more seriously and by focusing on the competition instead of the crazy people in auditions they think this is the answer. They’ll also bring back the wild card round which could be fun, but nothing is more priceless than seeing people humiliated on TV – please American Idol, don’t take that away from us!

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