Would A ‘Pushing Daisies’ Movie Work?

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Pushing Daisies

For the uninitiated amongst you, Pushing Daisies was an incredibly original little show starring Lee Pace and Anna Friel. The plot saw Pace play the part of a pie-maker who was blessed (or cursed) with the power to bring people back to life. Unfortunately, in a cunning twist, if he touched them a second time they would die for good. And if he didn’t, then someone else would die in their place.

Sounds brilliant, no? Well it was until the show got canceled due to underwhelming viewing figures. But a story idea such as that one shouldn’t be wasted, and so maybe Pushing Daisies would make for a better movie than it did a weekly television show? Kristin Chenoweth, who also starred on the show, certainly thinks so.

Upon hearing that show creator Bryan Fuller had plans for a movie and comic book of the dead show, she told Digital Spy:

“I’m sure that Bryan Fuller wouldn’t do it without the six main characters,”

“Paul Reubens was a big part of it – we have certain guest stars that are standouts that we’d want back. But he (Fuller) has such a great idea for [a movie]. We all want to [do it].”

I actually think this is a cracking idea because as intriguing as the plot is, the story was starting to get quite repetitive in its weekly form. A two hour movie, on the other hand, could be brilliant, showing the pie-maker coming to terms with his gift and putting it to good use. And it would certainly be original, which is much needed in these days of seemingly endless sequels and remakes.

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  1. susan

    First of all: Please forgive my very bad english- I`m from Germany and it`s a long time (13 years) ago, I learned english at school!

    A movie would be great!!!
    I don`t think, a comic book would work as good as a movie, because I think, the cast members are very important for the show to work.
    (First the movie, after it the Comic Book, that could work ;o))
    The idea for the show was really great – Bryan is a fantastic guy- so talented, but Pushing Daisies was also depending on the unbelievable cast members so much.
    What I mean is: We defenitly need the sweet Anna Friel, Chi Mc Bride, Kristin Chenoweth, Ellen Greene, Swoosie Kurtz and needless to say we all need the charming Lee Pace as Ned, to come over and touch our beloved Pushing Daisies back to life!!!
    I`d love to see a movie with all of them!!! Still got so much hope!
    Oh, because I live in Germany, I`ve already seen the last three episodes. But Kristin`s right: There are a lot of unanswered questions left still… too many!
    So we absolutely NEED a movie- please!!!

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