“Woman in Black” Sequel Set

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She's back! That Woman in Black.

Where there’s a hit, there’s a sequel. Deadline reports that Hammer Films is planning a follow-up to “The Woman in Black,” the horror film starring Daniel Radcliffe that became Britain’s highest grossing horror film in twenty years.

“The Woman in Black” was based on a novel by Susan Hill, and also has been a long-running play in London (considering the film’s success, there probably are a lot of English producers wondering, “How did we miss on this?). The new film, “The Woman in Black: Angels of Death” will be based on an original story by Hill that she has been working on for the past few years. The original focused on a young lawyer sent to work on the estate of a dead client who discovers a vengeful ghost in the client’s house. The new film will take place forty years later, with a new couple who make the mistake of moving into the house.

Jon Croker or Crocker (ComingSoon has one spelling, Deadline has another) will write the screenplay. No word yet on a director. At risk of a spoiler, it is self-evident why Daniel Radcliffe will not be back.

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