Will Smith Begs Michael Bay To Make ‘Bad Boys 3’

Will Smith Begs Michael Bay To Make ‘Bad Boys 3’

The first two Bad Boys films starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence were massively successful. They were also a brilliant vehicle for both actors, but particularly Smith who seemed to revel in the role. So could there be a Bad Boys 3 made?

The chances of a second sequel happening increased after a meeting on the red carpet at the 2008 MTV Move Awards on Sunday between Will Smith and Michael Bay. Hollyscoop asked Bay about the possibility of a new Bad Boys film, and Smith was listening in desperate to have his say.

Bay said:

“I don’t know. We talk about it, but we all make too much money.”

Smith then butted in:

“Bad Boys 3, I got an idea, I so have a great idea…I can’t pitch it here.”

“Jayden, we just watched the opening of Bad Boys 2 last night and I was telling him that is the best opening, you can’t open a movie better than that opening sequence of Bad Boys 2.“

“Michael is too expensive now, he’s way too expensive.”

So it seems the idea is there, at least swilling around in Will Smith’s head, and both parties present at the awards seemed keen, so why not? It seems the only sticking point could be the money, or lack of it. I don’t know, these Hollywood types and their huge pay packets.

Smith won Best Male Performance for I Am Legend, and Bay saw Transformers win Best Movie. Could it be that at the MTV Movie Awards in 2010 or 2011, the two will be standing on stage collecting an award for Bad Boys 3? Probably not.


  1. patrick charran

    i would like to audition for the next karate kid..

  2. Brenda

    I will so love to see Bad Boys 3 with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence They really make a team I love to see those bad boys do their action

  3. Brenda

    I will like to see Bad Boys 3 with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence They really make their movies good action and some humor I love to see those Bad Boys in action again

  4. Yonas

    Hey guys BAD BOYS 1&2 were realy good movies well done guys and hopefully to see part 3

  5. chima

    nice movie i will be waitin for bad boy3

  6. jack punk

    hay people bad boys 1+2 is greattttt since i saw it i keep on searching for more will smith videos i whould love to see part 3!!!!!!!

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