Will Michael Arndt Write “Star Wars VII?”

By Kirsten Anderson Uncategorized

This is Michael Arndt. He's won an Oscar. He might write the next Star Wars movie.

This rumor was flying around yesterday, so I thought I’d hold off and see if there would be any confirmation. So far there hasn’t been, but nevertheless, I’ll go on and mention it: Vulture is reporting that Michael Arndt has written a 40-50 page treatment for what we will for the foreseeable future refer to as “Star Wars VII” and is likely to at least get a shot at a draft. The seventh “Star Wars” movie is slated for 2015.

Arndt has impressive credits–he won an Oscar for “Little Miss Sunshine,” wrote the adaptation of “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” and probably most importantly to Disney, the new owner of LucasFilm, wrote “Toy Story 3.” Oh, so I guess I can just refer to Arndt as “that man who made me cry.”

Those are three very different films, and we know at least two of them were very good (can’t rate “Catching Fire” yet, of course), but are they evidence that Arndt should be trusted with one of the most treasured franchises in film history? Here’s why I think he is a good choice:

1) He’s not George Lucas.
2) He’s not George Lucas.
3) He’s not George Lucas.

Sorry, I’ll say it again–Lucas is a visionary and a great ideas man. He’s not much of a writer.

So best of luck to Arndt–hopefully we’ll hear more about this soon.

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