Will Ferrell, Jack Black To Play Tag

Who's It?

The Wrap reports that Jack Black and Will Ferrell are attached to a movie about the game of tag. If it’s a hit, the sequel will be hide and seek. Just kidding! No. Maybe. I think.

It’s based on a true story that appeared in the Wall Street Journal in January about the “tag brothers,” lifelong friends who’ve had an ongoing game of tag since high school. Here’s how the WSJ describes it:

The game they play is fundamentally the same as the schoolyard version: One player is “It” until he tags someone else. But men in their 40s can’t easily chase each other around the playground, at least not without making people nervous, so this tag has a twist. There are no geographic restrictions and the game is live for the entire month of February. The last guy tagged stays “It” for the year.

That means players get tagged at work and in bed. They form alliances and fly around the country. Wives are enlisted as spies and assistants are ordered to bar players from the office.

So as you can imagine, many Ferrellish and Blackesque hijinks may ensue–provided they stick with it. Reportedly their involvement will depend on how the screenplay for “Tag Brothers,” to be written by Mark Steilen, turns out. The pressure’s all on you, Mr. Steilen.


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