Weekend Box Office: “Man of Steel” Is “Man of Money”

Superman's on top...for now.

1.Man of Steel $112.7M

2. This Is The End $20.3M

3. Now You See Me $11.0M

4. Fast & Furious 6 $9.0M

5. The Purge $8.1M

As expected, it was a big opening for “Man of Steel,” otherwise known as Superman in Batman’s clothing. With $44 million on Friday, “Man of Steel” now has the largest Friday June opening ever. Here’s what the studio said about the audience response: “Our CinemaScore of ‘A-’ with the youngest (under 18) and the oldest (over 50) age categories both rating the film an ‘A’ should certainly generate strong word of mouth as we continue our run in the heart of the lucrative summer play time.” So it seems like they’re saying that kids and old people really loved the movie, and anyone else in the adult age range was a little lukewarm. Considering that kids are the ones who ask for the toys and grandparents are the ones who buy them, I’m sure Warner Brothers and their merchandisers are just fine with that. Interesting note:3D screens provided 42% of the take. Kids love that 3D.

The only other major opener this weekend, the comedy “This Is The End,” did okay, mostly because it gave people who say “I don’t do superhero movies” something to do. It opened on Wednesday, so it’s actually up to about $32.6 million now, probably close to the film’s total price tag.

So, next week! We have no break from blockbusters, with the long awaited “World War Z” finally opening. For the kids, we have “Monsters University.” Stay tuned to see how Superman does vs. zombies and Brad Pitt.

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