‘Watchmen’ Writer Not A Fan Of Director Zack Snyder

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‘Watchmen’ Writer Not A Fan Of Director Zack Snyder

Watchmen is a 12-part comic book series first published in the late 1980s, which is now being turned in to a movie. The comic book has won a Hugo award, and even appeared on Time Magazine’s 2005 list of “the 100 best English-language novels from 1923 to the present.”

It was written by Alan Moore, and the artwork was done by Dave Gibbons. The comic, and consequently the movie, is set in 1985 in an alternative USA where superheroes are numerous, and real people who have to deal with personal issues as well as having to save the world.

Moore hasn’t got anything to do with the new movie, and has recently spoken about his views on director Zack Snyder, and his last film 300. According to Digital Spy, he told Entertainment Weekly:

“He’s the person who made 300. I’ve not seen any recent comic book films, but I didn’t particularly like the book 300,”

“I had a lot of problems with it, and everything I heard or saw about the film tended to increase [those problems] rather than reduce them: [that] it was racist, it was homophobic, and above all it was sublimely stupid.”

Moore isn’t a fan of the Warner Bros adaptation of his comic V For Vendetta either, and insisted that he hadn’t been in contact with the studio regarding the Watchmen adaptation.

“No, they’ve all been told not to. They get the message… I don’t want anyone who works for DC comic books to contact me ever again, or I’ll change my number.”

Tough talk, but there’s obviously some history there between Moore and DC Comics. There must be nothing worse than seeing your work adapted by someone else, and not being happy with the results, and that seems to be what has happened with Moore.

Watchmen is due out next year.

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