Warner Brothers Buys Chris Weitz’s “The Young World”

Chris Weitz will be responsible for the movie adapatation of his own book.

Director and screenwriter Chris Weitz has his first novel coming out in 2014 and the movie will follow soon after–at least that’s what you’d think, since Deadline says that Warner Brothers has already picked up the rights to the book, titled “The Young World.”

The book is said to be “a young-adult novel is set in New York City following a catastrophe that kills everyone younger than 12 and older than 21 and leaves the survivors without heat, running water or the any of the amenities they’ve grown up with.”

Some thoughts:

  • So the only people left in the world are spoiled teens? I would probably wish I was dead.
  • What happens when someone turns 22?
  • How did the catastrophe know how to avoid such a financially attractive demographic market?
  • Will there be handsome, considerate boys who recognize the inner beauty of the awkward, yet to blossom girls?
  • Will the 16-21 year olds run away from the 12-15 year olds? I mean, high school students don’t want to have anything to do with middle school students.
  • Are there zombies?

Weitz will write, direct, and produce the adaptation. His last onscreen project was 2011′s “A Better Life.”

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