Vin Diesel To Star in “Kojak” Movie

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Vin Diesel may develop a sudden fondness for lollipops.

This falls into the “makes so much sense it’s almost not news because it seemed inevitable” category: Deadline reports that Vin Diesel will star in a big screen version of the ’70s cop show “Kojak.” Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who wrote “Skyfall” and other Bond movies, will write the script.

The original TV series ran from 1973-1978. It starred Telly Savalas as NYPD detective Theo Kojak. The show was a procedural back before they called them procedurals. It got by mostly on the appeal of Savalas, a bald guy with swagger who often had a lollipop with him and had the catch phrase, “Who loves ya, baby?”

See why Diesel’s a fit?

Diesel will pick up a producer credit for the movie. He’ll be seen on screens next year in “Fast and Furious 6.”

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