Vanessa “Phwoooar” Hudgens Back For ‘High School Musical 3′ With Pay Rise!

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Vanessa “Phwoooar” Hudgens Back For ‘High School Musical 3? With Pay Rise!

It seems not even a nude picture scandal can keep a good actress down, or even Vanessa Hudgens (Pictured with boyfriend Zac Efrons) for that matter.

After several photos of a naked Vanessa Hudgens, star of High School Musical 1 and 2, were seen by everyone who had a PC and access to the Internet in September, it was rumoured that Disney had dropped the 18 year old from the upcoming High School Musical 3.

But it seems not, as US Weekly are now claiming that not only have Disney asked Hudgens to come back for the third film in the Grease wannabee series, they have also given her a massive pay rise.

“Vanessa is locked for the movie, she is very happy that the deal is done.”

Who would have thought that a teenage star of a kids film could actively help her career by being ogled over by all and sundry on the web. Disney has a reputation of being family friendly to uphold, and after the furore over the pictures, I really didn’t think she’d be welcomed back.

High School Musical 3 will begin filming in January 2008.

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