Tom Hardy Joins “Splinter Cell”

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Ladies love Tom Hardy.

Video game to movie adaptations have had kind of a rocky road in Hollywood. Some have had decent box office success, such as the “Resident Evil” and “Silent Hill” series, but they’ve been lower budget horror films with modest ambitions. More often than not, attempts to turn complex games like “God of War” and “Bioshock” into big time, tentpole films with A list talent, have lingered for years, going nowhere.

Maybe the tide is turning, though. First we heard that Michael Fassbender had signed on to star in an adaptation of “Assassin’s Creed,” and now we have news from Deadline that Tom Hardy is set for a big screen version of Tom Clancy’s .”Splinter Cell.” Both projects are from the game maker Ubisoft.

If you’re not familiar with “Splinter Cell” (and that would be me), here’s what they say:

The original game, revolves around Sam Fisher, a covert operative who so far has been put on six missions covering six installments of the game that has sold 22 million units and spawned several novels.

Hardy will play Fisher. He was seen last summer as bad guy Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises” and this fall in “Lawless.” In 2013 he’ll be on screen in “Mad Max: Fury road,” playing the title role (that is Mad Max, not Fury Road).

Eric Warren Singer (“The International,” “American Bullshit”) is writing the script. There’s not director attached yet.


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