Tisdale Won’t Be “Left Behind,” Cassi Thompson Will

Cassi Thomson gets "Left Behind."

Casting change! Variety tells us that Ashley Tisdale will not be in “Left Behind” after all, as previously announced. . Instead the role she had been set to play will go to Cassi Thomson, who is best known for her work on the TV series “Big Love” and “Switched at Birth.”. No word on why or how Tisdale exited.

“Left Behind” is based on the first in the best-selling series of apocalyptic Christian booksby Tim LaHaye. The story focuses on “a group of survivors during the first few hours after millions of people around the globe simply vanish without warning.” It’s the Rapture or something like that.

There was a previous adaptation of the book, a 2001 low-budget film starring Kirk Cameron. This one is getting more of a first-class treatment, with a cast that includes Nicolas Cage, Jordin Sparks, and Chad Michael Murray. Well, maybe a pretty decent second-class. Cage is playing a pilot who is flying a passenger full of planes when all those people disappear. Thomson will play his daughter, who’s on the ground, left to look for her mother and brother when everything goes down. \

Filming has started in Baton Rouge, LA. Vic Armstrong is directing a script by John Patus.

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