Timothy Olyphant To Star In “The Man on Carrion Road.”

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Timothy Olyphant gets a trip to Colombia to film "The Man on Carrion Road."

One of my small screen favorites is doing some moonlighting on the big screen–Atlas Independent announces that Timothy Olyphant will play the lead in “The Man on Carrion Road,” a thriller to be directed by Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego. Nils Lyew wrote the script.

Here’s how they describe it:

“The Man on Carrion Road is the visceral story of a botched Mexican cartel deal in the back roads of a border town. The town’s new sheriff (played by Olyphant) must team up with the retired lawman he replaced to investigate the source of the deal in order to stop a mysterious cartel butcher and his systematic brutalization of the town’s residents. A gritty and modern thriller, The Man on Carrion Road collides head on with the pathos and hard realities that inhabit life along the border; it’s a story that explores the ambitions, difficulties, and consequences that turn men into monsters and monsters into reality.”

Good heavens, gritty and modern, with a description that features the word monster not once, but twice!

Olyphant is best known for his work on many TV shows, most notably “Justified” and “Deadwood.” However, he also has worked fairly steadily in film, being seen in movies like “I Am Number Four,” “The Crazies,” and “Hitman.” He’s supposed to be in the ensemble cast for “This Is Where I Leave You,” with Tina Fey and Jason Bateman.

Filming for “The Man on Carrion Road” is set to begin in late August in Colombia.

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