Theroux Takes Charge of “Zoolander 2″


A fashion icon.

Deadline is reporting that Justin Theroux will direct a sequel to “Zoolander,” the 2001 comedy that starred Ben Stiller as a vacuous male model. Theroux is writing the script along with Ben Stiller. Supposedly Theroux has gone to the Paris fashion shows to ”immerse himself on what is current in fashion.” (hint: it’s expensive and only looks good on very tall, thin people).

Deadline notes that the first “Zoolander” film had the misfortune to be released soon after September 11, 2001, and didn’t do well in theaters, quite understandably. However, it’s become popular as more people got to see it on DVD or cable, and is probably one of the things Ben Stiller is best known for. The question, though, is whether those people who’ve gotten to see and enjoy the original on TV or video are interested in coming out to a theater to see a sequel.

No word on whether Owen Wilson, who co-starred in “Zoolander,” is interested in returning to his character. Jonah Hill, though, is supposedly in talks to play the villain in the sequel.

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