The Star Wars Episode VII Director Search – Are They Close?

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What director is ready to pick up the story?

We’ll take any bits of Star Wars news we can get, and this certainly qualifies. At the premiere of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2,” MTV talked to Frank Marshall, husband of Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy about the search for the film’s director (Michael Arndt was indeed chosen to write the first draft of a script). He told them that they were “down to a couple of candidates” but didn’t say when they were going to make a decision.

Yeah, so it’s not much, but as I said, we’ll take it. I mostly find it interesting because I’m surprised they got down to a couple of candidates already. I guess that means they’re looking at well-established types–I wouldn’t expect a Marvel like “who?!” type of announcement. Maybe they’re able to get the list down so quickly because directors aren’t exactly eager to take on something which is bound to be so heavily is big on Joe Johnson, who apparently has said he would think about it if offered, but I think he’s a rather solid, uninspiring choice. I wouldn’t be surprised if Joseph Kosinski is one of the candidates; I think “Tron: Legacy” went well enough that Disney would feel good about him. He’s shown he can do a big sci-fi movie but isn’t himself such a big name that he’ll command a high salary. Even Disney is budget conscious these days.

Well, we’ll see–hopefully we’ll hear something soon.

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