The Latest in Bradley Cooper News: Spielberg to Direct Him in “American Sniper,” Wells to Direct Him in “Chef”

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Bradley Cooper keeps us busy with news this week.

We have had a busy Bradley Cooper news week. First he dropped out of “Jane Got a Gun” to concentrate on finishing David O. Russell’s “American Hustle” and doing the required promotion for “The Hangover Part III,” and now he’s picked up some directors for other projects.

  • Steven Spielberg will make Cooper’s “American Sniper” his next film. Last year, Cooper bought the rights to the bestselling memoir by Chris Kyle, the Navy SEAL with the highest number of sniper kills in U.S. military history. The bestseller got a real life dramatic twist earlier this year when Kyle was shot to death by a fellow veteran who was suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. Jason Hall wrote the script. No word on when this will get started.
  • John Wells will direct Cooper in “Chef.” In the script written by Steven Knight, Cooper will play “Paris chef Adam Jones, who blows his status as an up and coming chef when controlled substances lead to out of control behavior. Jones straightens out and returns to Paris sober, and becomes devoted to building a restaurant that can attain three Michelin stars, the mark of cuisine supremacy.” This is an interesting weird career comes full circle moment–the first time I ever heard of Cooper was when he starred in a short-lived TV version of Anthony Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential.” It was actually a sitcom, so I’m sure it bore pretty much no resemblance whatsoever to Bourdain’s wild book. Maybe it would have worked as a cable drama. Also, we just had news recently that Jon Favreau is planning to make a movie called “Chef.” Someone’s going to need to add a word to their title.

Deadline says Cooper’s schedule would be like this: the untitled Cameron Crowe movie in the fall; “American Sniper” in early 2014, then “Chef.” The casualty may be Cooper’s plan to star in a revival of “The Elephant Man” on Broadway sometime in the next year on a schedule to contend in the 2014 Tony Awards. That may now have to wait a year.

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