“The Bible” Miniseries Headed For The Big Screen

By Kirsten Anderson Uncategorized

Watch the DVDs, see the movie, maybe even read the book.

So, you wish you knew more about the Bible, but you don’t like to read? Couldn’t get yourself to commit to “The Bible” miniseries on History Channel either? Well, then we have good news for you! The producer of the series, Mark Burnett, is planning to cut the series into a special version to be released in movie theaters. They’re aiming for about a three hour length.

Burnett doesn’t have a distributor yet, but he has plans, suggesting he may distribute it himself and that it’s possible they may do things like show it in arenas.

“The Bible” was watched by someĀ 100 million people in the US and tens of millionsĀ more internationally. Still, they think they could reach out to more people. As we’ve seen with a number of movies in the past few years, if you have a faith-based project, you can find an audience. I’m sure there are church groups and parishes and things who would be happy to have a movie version to show as part of an event with a discussion afterwards or something like that. There’s pretty much no way Burnett can lose on this unless he tries to open it in 3900 multiplexes the same weekend as “The Hangover Part III.”

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