Super Rumor: Batman/Superman Movie On The Way in 2015?

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I find myself humming "Two of a Kind."

Big news–Hero Complex is reporting that Warner Brothers is on the verge of announcing that the follow up to “Man of Steel” will be a movie featuring Superman and Batman. Not Justice League, not a “Man of Steel” sequel, but an unprecedented team up of two of the world’s most recognizable superheroes.

WB has long said that they planned to do a Justice League movie first, and then spin offs individual movies from that, sort of a reverse of Marvel’s “Introduce the characters alone first” strategy. Then they said they had a “Man of Steel” sequel planned for 2014, with Justice League still to follow in 2015. And now this.

If this rumor is true, Henry Cavill will play Superman, of course, but they’ll need a new Batman; Christian Bale is done with the role. If the rumor is not true, well, we’ll need a new Batman at some point, so feel free to speculate away. Hero Complex says that Christopher Nolan would produce the movie.

By the way, a Superman and Batman movie sounds like a buddy comedy to me, but WB thinks comic book movies have to be grindingly serious and they’re not allowed to be fun, so I guess not.

We should note that DC Comics is just starting up a Superman/Batman series, by writer Greg Pak and artist Jae Lee. No word on whether the movie is related to that.

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