“Star Wars VII” Director Rumors: Vaughn, Favreau, Fincher?

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Is David Fincher your next "Star Wars" director?

After several weeks of hearing directors say they don’t want to direct “Star Wars Episode VII,” we’re starting to hear about some who might want the job. Needless to say, Disney isn’t breathing a word about this, but we can indulge in a little rumor-mongering, can’t we?

In the middle of a Deadline post about how actors and other celebrities are allowing themselves to make career-changing mistakes on social media (think Angus T. Jones, James Gunn recently), there’s a reference to a lighter case, where actor Jason Flemying, in a conversation with fans shot on a cell phone, seemed to evade a question about whether Matthew Vaughn might be directing “Star Wars VII.” Since Flemying has worked with Vaughn several times, his non-answer led to wild speculation that he “knew something” and was trying to avoid saying yes or no.

That led the writer of the piece, Mike Fleming Jr., to add a paragraph about Star Wars director rumors that no doubt will spark, well, wild speculation:

As much as I’ve heard the Vaughn rumor, I’ve also heard Jon Favreau is panting after this job, and even that David Fincher, who apparently worked for Lucas’s ILM in a menial job as a teen, might be game for one of these new films.

So what does Favreau bring to it? He’s done big, effects heavy action with a light touch in the first two “Iron Man” movies. Fincher is probably considered one of the most distinctive stylists of the day who terrifies some actors and is catnip to others. Both are in the Disney fold. I wouldn’t have thought of Fincher immediately–he doesn’t necessarily seem like the type who would jump into the middle of someone else’s franchise, but then again, he might consider it an irresistible challenge. I’m not surprised about Favreau–he seems like he’s into it.

Now let’s hope we get some more rumors soon!

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