She’s in the Army Now: Anna Faris to Star in “Private Benjamin” Remake

anna faris

Hopefully Anna Faris likes to wear camouflage.

ComingSoon reports that Anna Faris is set to star in a remake of the 1980 comedy “Private Benjamin.” Amy Talkington is doing the rewrite.

The original film starred Goldie Hawn as a spoiled young woman who is distraught after her husband dies while they’re having sex on their wedding night, and impulsively joins the army. It’s a rough go, but she learns to be independent. Then, while posted in Paris, she falls in love with a man (Armand Assante) who wants her to be completely dependent on him. She realizes at the last minute that she’s losing all she learned about herself and walks out on him on her wedding day. It’s very much part of the “Women Learning to Stand Up for Themselves” genre of the late ’70s-80s, part of the sisterhood of films like “9 to 5,” “An Unmarried Woman,” and the greatest of them all, “Tootsie.” (That’s right, the best feminist film of our time starred a man.)

The original is okay–a cute comedy with some funny lines. Goldie Hawn is pitch perfect as the kind of girl who’s never done a day of work in her life and who asks if fatigues come in different colors. Faris, a comic who has some similarities to Hawn and who’s been in dire need of a really good starring role, will be fine as well; Hawn got an Oscar nomination for the part, so maybe this is Faris’s chance. The last third of the film in Paris, with the Assante romance, is a little weak, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they cut that.

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