Robert Pattinson and Carey Mulligan Agree to “Hold On To Me”

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Robert Pattinson will get caught up in Carey Mulligan's problems.

Whoa, don’t take that title the wrong way! I don’t have a Carey Mulligan-Robert Pattinson threesome going on here–I’m way too busy writing!

No, we mean that there’s a report from Deadline that Pattinson and Mulligan will star in a crime drama called “Hold On To Me.” James Marsh, who directed the docs “Man on a Wire” and “Project Nim,” will take charge. Brad Inglesby wrote the script.

Supposedly based on a true story, it’s about:

“…a femme fatale who with her boyfriend kidnaps and ransoms the town’s richest man. They bury him in a box and things go horribly awry. Pattinson plays the flashy supporting role of the woman’s life love, Jimmy, who isn’t involved in the crime.”

Oh, then that means Mulligan will be playing the femme fatale, right?

It’s unclear what case this is based on; there’s the Samuel Bronfman II case from 1975, who was supposedly buried alive in a box while his kidnappers waited for the ransom (which was paid), but there was no femme fatale involved, and the only awry that went was the fact that the kidnappers were only found guilty of extortion, with weapons and kidnapping charges falling apart during the trial. I think if you’re going to announce that something is based on a true story, you should say what the true story is….

Pattinson is booked for “The Rover” with Guy Pearce, and “Mission Blacklist,” which is not about trying to write a screenplay that will land on the fabled Black List, but about the hunt for Saddam Hussein. He’ll next be seen in “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II” and your gossip web sites. Mulligan will next be seen in “Inside Llewyn Davis” and “The Great Gatsby.”


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