Ridley Scott Plans User-Made “Springsteen & I”

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Bruce Springsteen fans, submit your work.

Do you like Bruce Springsteen? Do you like submitting things? Then you’ll love the news that Ridley Scott Associates, Black Dog Films and Scott Free London are planning a user-generated film called “Springsteen & I.” Somewhat like last year’s “Life in a Day,” the film will be composed of footage from fans of Bruce Springsteen; the main difference is that “Life in a Day” had to be footage taken by people all on one designated day, but this can be anything from a lifetime of fandom.

As described in Deadline:

“Springsteen & I” will feature footage showing how The Boss and his music have affected the lives of everyday people. Producers are looking for personal musings from fans on what Bruce Springsteen means to them and are seeking raw footage, photos or audio narration. Submissions will be accepted at www.springsteenandi.com starting November 15.

If you’re not a Bruce Springsteen fan or don’t know any, then you may be thinking, “What the hell is this? Why Springsteen?” If you are a fan, or do know any, then you know that there are people whose lives are practically centered around seeing his shows. And it’s not like this is a small group of people either.

Now I do have to say something about the title. I would like to note that I am a huge fan of grammar. I love grammar. I love correct grammar. I appreciate it when people go out of their way to use correct grammar. However, while it may be correct to say, “Springsteen & I,” this is not the time to be correct. “Springsteen & I” sounds like something the butler in a 1940s English movie would say. It should be “Springsteen & Me,” or really “Bruce & Me.” Hopefully the aforementioned legion of fans will be able to straighten them out.

They’re hoping to release this sometime in 2013.

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