Reese Witherspoon Joins Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Inherent Vice”

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Reese Witherspoon tries to branch out with "Inherent Vice."

Reese Witherspoon is keeping busy…with movies. We have news from Deadline that Witherspoon has joined the cast of Paul Thomas Anderson’s adaptation of Thomas Pynchon’s novel “Inherent Vice.”  Joaquin Phoenix, Owen Wilson and Benicio Del Toro are already set to star. Witherspoon and Phoenix have already worked together, of course, in “Walk the Line.

“Inherent Vice” is described this way by Amazon:

“It’s been a while since Doc Sportello has seen his ex- girlfriend. Suddenly she shows up with a story about a plot to kidnap a billionaire land developer whom she just happens to be in love with. It’s the tail end of the psychedelic sixties in L.A., and Doc knows that “love” is another of those words going around at the moment, like “trip” or “groovy,” except that this one usually leads to trouble.”

Ahh, the ’60s, always of great interest…to some people.

No word who Witherspoon would play, but you would guess the ex-girlfriend. She’s in that phase of her career where she’s really feeling around, trying to find roles that allow her to break out of that, well, cute Reese Witherspoon type. That’s not easy–audiences don’t like stars to change.

Witherspoon is in theaters now in a supporting role in “Mud,” and then will be seen later this year in Atom Egoyan’s “Devil’s Knot.” She’s got several other projects in the works, including “The Good Lie,” “Wish List,” and “Three Little Words.”

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