Peter Jackson Plans Next “Adventures of Tintin” for 2015 (Hopefully)

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Hey, what are you doing in 2015?

Remember “The Adventures of Tintin?”Adaptation of the beloved Belgian comic book character, came out last year, directed by Steven Spielberg, a motion capture/CGI/animated extravaganza? Yes, I see you nodding in recognition now.Well, as you may also remember from when that film went into production, it was actually supposed to be part of a trilogy, with one of its producers, Peter Jackson, directing the next. Of course that was back when he was still insisting he wasn’t going to direct “The Hobbit” at all, let alone a two-part version that morphed into three parts.

Nevertheless, we have word that Jackson is still all in on the project. Bleeding Cool reports that in an interview with Belgian website, Jackson said that he wants to try to make his Tintin movie sometime during 2013 for a 2015 release. This means that he’ll need to take some time off from stitching together the next two Hobbit films (is there any possibility that he’ll change his mind and go back to just two? I guess not….) to shoot the Tintin movie and then do post-production work on that. Sounds like it will all be a bit of a tight squeeze, but maybe he needs a Middle Earth break.

Anthony Horowitz has reportedly been working on a sequel, but there’s no word what stories will be involved. Tintin experts may glean something from Peter Jackson’s 2009 comment to ComingSoon that he likes “”‘Seven Crystal Balls’ and ‘Prisoners of the Sun.’ I like ‘The Black Island.’ I like ‘The Calculus Affair’…the moon one[s] would be great to do as a third or fourth one.”

Now let’s see if any of this sticks and whether Tintin fans will get their next movie in 2015.

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