Nicolas Cage May Be “Left Behind”

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Nicolas Cage may have to deal with the Rapture.

Hey, what’s Nicolas Cage up to? Well, I’ll tell you–according to Variety, he’s in talks to star in a remake of “Left Behind.” Yes, that is the Christian market bestseller by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. Paul LaLonde will produce and co-write the script with John Patus, who wrote the script for one of the other movies in the series.

Here’s a Library Journal review from Amazon:

“On a flight from Chicago to London, several passengers aboard Capt. Rayford Steele’s plane suddenly and mysteriously disappear. When Steele radios to London to report the situation, he discovers that the incident on his plane is not an isolated phenomenon but a worldwide occurrence. As Steele begins his search for answers, he learns that the Christ has come to take the faithful with Him in preparation for the coming apocalyptic battle between good and evil and that those who have been left behind must face seven dark and chaotic years in which they must decide to join the forces of Christ or the forces of Anti-Christ.”

Kirk Cameron starred in the original 2001 movie. It’s not clear whether Cage would play the good guy pilot Rayford Steele or super bad guy Anti-Christ Nicolae Carpathia. I’m sure he would be fine with either, as long as a paycheck is involved, but of course the bad guy is always more fun.To be honest, though, he seems too old for both.

They’re planning to film in the early spring for a late 2013 release.


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