New “Star Wars” Movie Casting Breakdown: What Are They Looking For?

By Kirsten Anderson Uncategorized

Everyone wants to be in Star Wars.

The casting process is underway for “Star Wars: Episode VII,” the next chapter in the saga that will be brought to you by director J.J. Abrams. The breakdown of characters they are casting leaked out yesterday (thank you, interns!), so take a look and try to guess who might be who:

A young man aged between 20 and 25, witty and smart, fit but not classically handsome,

Man in late twenties, also fit, but this one is handsome and confident.

Late teenage girl, independent, good sense of humour, also… physically fit .

Second young female, also late teens, tough, smart and physically fit.

Man in his forties, obviously physically fit, this one is a military type.

A man of around thirty or so, this one is an intellectual type.

Finally, a guy aged around seventy, strong opinions and tough.

Okay, two obvious notes: the guy around 70 isn’t supposed to be Han Solo, is it? Because I was under the impression that Harrison Ford was in. They wouldn’t dare recast Han Solo. They better not.

The other is that, well, if you’re not “physically fit,” you’re out of luck.

Oh, and just in case it’s not clear, if you really, really love Star Wars, and are convinced that you are perfect for one of those roles, forget it, unless you also happen to be with a major agency. They’re not going to comb community theaters and high schools to cast these roles.

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