Muppet Sequel Adds Christoph Waltz

By Kirsten Anderson Movie News

Christoph Waltz gets to share the screen with Kermit.

Christoph Waltz has been Mr. In Demand Guy since bursting onto the Hollywood scene in “Inglourious Basterds.” However, he hasn’t exactly been cast in warm, cuddly parts. Maybe that’s about to change–well, sort of.

Variety tells us that Waltz has been cast in the sequel to last year’s successful “The Muppets,” a movie with warm, cuddly potential, though with the usual Muppet satirical edge, of course. Will this be Waltz’s chance to break through with a role as a funny, charming romantic lead? Doesn’t look like it–he’s playing an Interpol agent. Though we’re getting closer!

James Bobin will direct again and Nicholas Stoller is returning to write the script. The star of the first movie, Jason Segel, is not coming back.

Waltz will next be seen in “Django Unchained,” where he plays a dentist turned bounty hunter, as you would expect.

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