Mick Jagger As Rupert Murdoch?

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Mick Jagger

According to Deadline, Mick Jagger is set to star as a “global media mogul with dubious morality” in a new movie titles Tabloid. Jagger himself had the idea for the film, and is producing alongside Victoria Pearman.

Josh Olson, who previously wrote A History Of Violence, is the man penning Tabloid, which tells the tale of a young journalist getting sucked into the murkier side of journalism, aided and abetted by Jagger’s character.

Wait, what? Mick Jagger is an actor? When did that happen? A quick look at his IMDb page tells me he has dipped his toe in occasionally, but as a leading man? Playing a media mogul that looks to have been inspired by Rupert Murdoch? Yowser.

The details are so scant I wouldn’t normally have even covered this story, but it managed to intrigue me by being completely out of left-field. I guess when you have as much money sitting in the bank doing nothing as Jagger has you can afford to conjure movies up and make yourself the leading man. Whether anyone will actually go and see Tabloid remains to be seen, however.

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