Michael Bay Talks “Transformers 4″

By Kirsten Anderson Movie News

Michael Bay has something to say about "Transformers 4."

Last week we heard that Michael Bay had indeed cast Mark Wahlberg in “Transformers 4,” a happy fairy tale where Internet gossip and rumor finally came true. Well, now the delightfully chatty Mr. Bay called up TMZ to chat about the movie and casting Wahlberg.

Here’s what he said about the movie in general:

The movie is going to continue four years from the attack on Chicago,” says Bay, “which was in the last movie. It’s going to have the same lineage, but it’s going in a full new direction. It actually feels very natural how it’s going in that direction… We’re doing a lot of things that are really going to make it fresh and feel new.

Thanks to ComingSoon for transcribing that quote.

I watched the interview to see what else Bay had to say about casting Wahlberg, who he had just worked with on “Pain and Gain.” He pretty much just praised him effusively–he’s an Oscar nominee, he can do comedy, he can do pathos (I’m guessing that won’t be required in “T4″), he can do action, he’s never done a big franchise. What’s in it for Wahlberg? He said he wants to do a movie his kids can watch. Also, I’m assuming that he will pick up a hefty paycheck. (If you want to hear Bay himself, you’ll find his section at about the eighteen minute mark in the video here.)

“Transformers 4″ is set to be released on June 27, 2014.


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