Megan Fox’s “Transformers 3″ Replacement–Rosie Huntington-Whitely?

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rosie huntington whitely

Megan Fox’s replacement won the role either by doing a fantastic monologue or looking like this.

Okay, so we know all about Megan Fox’s dismissal from the “Transformers” franchise. But what about her replacement? Deadline reported today that the three frontrunners were Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue cover girl Brooklyn Decker, Sarah Wright, whose most notable credit is in “House Bunny,” where she turned in an emotionally wrenching performance as a conflicted young woman, oh never mind, I made that part up, and Rosie Huntington-Whitely, who is a Victoria’s Secret model that Bay directed in a Victoria’s Secret video or show or something. In an update to the original story, Deadline’s Mike Fleming said that Decker and Wright were told that the part was Huntington-Whitely’s, unless something went wrong during contract discussions.

I know nothing about Huntington-Whitely, who Latino Review entertainingly refers to as “Brickface,” because she “looks like someone smashed her forehead with a broad whetstone.” It seems like the main requirements for this role were to be blonde and a model, which is fine. Why waste a Juilliard education in this role? “Transformers 3″ has begun shooting already, but the female lead isn’t needed for another two weeks. So that’s enough time for her to get someone to teach her how to recite lines and run from explosions.  

By the way, the reason du jour for Fox’s dismissal is the Sun’s hilarious explanation that Fox was “too thin.” As relayed by the New York Daily News, Michael Bay supposedly ”thinks she has lost too much weight and looks too frail. He wanted her to put on some weight,” and “The crew doesn’t think she looks well, let alone the wholesome, curvy star they cast in the first film.”

Uh, sure, Hollywood firing someone for being too thin. And I thought the crew hated her anyway. Whatever.

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  1. blahblah

    I don’t get why people feel the need to lie about the dumbest shit. Why can’t they just say that she was a bitch and they didn’t want to be giving her publicity and money.

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