McG Set to Direct “Magic Castle”

By Kirsten Anderson Movie News

McG will have to wrangle magicians at the Magic Castle.

Not too long ago we heard that there was going to be a movie called “Magic Castle.” Okay, raise your hand if you thought that it was going to be about the Magic Castle in Disney World. Am I the only one? I hope not.

Well, it’s not, but the project does have a director now–according to The Hollywood Reporter, McG will be in charge. Andrew Barrer and Gabe Ferrari are writing the script.

Here is THR’s description of the Magic Castle:

The Magic Castle sits at 7001 W. Franklin Ave., just west of Highland Avenue, near Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and the Dolby Theatre, home of the Academy Awards. The venue was turned into a private magic club in 1963 and is not open to the public (guests must be invited by a member). Nightly shows are put on at the Magic Castle, which, with its many stages, labyrinthine corridors and old-fashioned decor, looks the part of a mysterious den of sorcery. Celebrity magic enthusiasts like Neil Patrick Harris who is president of the nonprofit Academy of Magical Arts, which is headquartered at the Magic Castle — have performed at the venue.

No word on what the story is. I’m betting they set it in the ’60s and it’s about people who work there. Just a guess. I win a magic lesson from NPH if I’m right, right?

McG’s last film was “This Means War,” which flopped. So he can only go up with the movie he’s about to make, “Three Days to Kill,” starring Kevin Costner. There’s no word on when “Magic Castle” will be filmed.


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