McG Enters “School of Fear”

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There's a school for everything.

Ahh, more adaptations. Variety tells us that McG has picked up the rights to produce “School of Fear,” a 2010 children’s book series by Gitty Daneshvari. He might direct, but that’s not definite yet.

Here’s how it’s described in an excerpt from School Library Journal on Amazon:

“Large glass lanterns [hung] from rusted old chains.” Descriptions like this one set the scene for a secret, yet elite school for eradicating children’s fears. Four 12-year-olds are sent there with the hope that they’ll overcome fears of bugs, confined spaces, water, and death. When they arrive, they discover that they are the only students in a school run by a seemingly crazy ex-beauty queen. Forced to learn waving and proper pageant smiling for hours on end, the students wonder if they’ll ever escape. Of course, they must face their fears in order to get away and bring back help for a servant. The school isn’t what it seems, and the villains aren’t who they appear to be. The story is hilarious for its over-the-top gloominess. Each chapter begins with the definition of a type of fear, e.g., arachibutyrophobia (the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth).

It sounds a bit adorably quirky for me, but I can’t really judge, not having read it. Daniel Mackey is writing the script.

Warner Brothers originally held the rights in a pre-publication deal, but they lapsed and now McG’s got it. His Wonderland Sound and Vision will produce with Red Crown Productions. I’m sure he’d be an adequate director for it.



  1. Jeremy Norton

    Wow! I want to read this one. It’s interesting. If I find it good I’ll let my daughter read it. Thanks Kirsten!

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