McG And Vin Diesel In Talks For Terminator 4

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Vin Diesel - T4

CHUD is reporting that Charlie’s Angels director McG is in talks to helm Terminator 4. The best thing that can be said about this news is: at least it isn’t Brett Ratner. Escape From New York fans weren’t lucky enough to dodge that bullet.

The script which was turned in to the production company last week is set post-apocalypse with John Connor organizing the surviving humans in an effort to resist Skynet’s army of robots.

Some casting news has hit as well with Vin Diesel rumored to be in talks to play the terminator, a role which had previously been linked to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Source: Chud / Aint It Cool


  1. thearm

    OMG. Please say it isn’t true. What is going on in Hollywood. Soon, the MPAA won’t have to worry about pirates. Nobody will want their movies.

  2. Noddegamra

    agh! I so hope this isn’t true. Terminator 3 was awful enough. Having this director will surely kill off the Terminator franchise for good!?

    + I do quite like Vin Diesel, but not enough to let him cripple a legendary film series (1 and 2.. I still blank out number 3 from memory)

  3. President Arnold

    Just bring back Arnold!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. rajab

    I will (not) be back.. :) )

  5. Terminator 4

    I wait to see Vin Diesel in babylon AD – his upcoming movie- before deciding if he is an actor good enough to play in T4.

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