Maria Bello Takes Prisoners

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Maria Bello joins the "Prisoners" gang.

You know what I love about the movie “Prisoners?” You can put every piece of casting news under the same great title: “_____ Takes Prisoners.” It’s a joke that just keeps giving. If we get really lucky, maybe someone will drop out of the cast so we can say, “_____ Escapes Prison(ers).”

But on to the news–today we hear from Deadline  that Maria Bello has joined an already starry cast that includes Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Melissa Leo, Paul Dano, and Viola Davis. Here’s the story:

Prisoners follows a small town carpenter, Jackman’s Keller, who tries to find his kidnapped daughter and her best friend himself after the police can’t. Gyllenhaal is the detective assigned to the case – a cop who doesn’t like civilians getting involved in police work.

Bello will play the wife of Jackman’s character, who appears to not have a first name. I guess it makes you tougher to have everyone refer to you by your last name all the time. I wonder if Gyllenhaal gets a first name to show that he’s a soft, by the book, kind of guy.

Bello is filming “The Third Person” for Paul Haggis, and recently picked up a paycheck for  “Grown Ups 2″ with Adam Sandler, which will be out next summer.

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