Lucas Till Joins Something Called Either “Kristy” or “Satanic”

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Lucas Till joins a movie with title issues.

You know, it’s not often that you see sources call a film project by two completely different titles, let alone such completely different types of titles. According to ComingSoon, Lucas Till has joined the cast of a movie called “Satanic,” starring Haley Bennett and Ashley Greene. But they link to Variety as their source, and Variety calls the movie “Kristy.” IMDb has it as “Satanic.”

Now if you hear the title “Satanic,” you expect a low budget horror movie that’s released in January and aimed directly at high school or college girls. If you hear the title “Kristy,” you might expect a romantic comedy about a girl trying to find love while making it on her own in the big city, or maybe an inspirational biopic about a girl who survived an alligator attack and still made it to the Olympics.

So here’s the synopsis so we can see which title is more appropriate:

“Kristy” follows a girl alone on campus over the Thanksgiving break when a random encounter with a gang of violent outcasts leads them to target her as their next victim.

First, “a girl alone on campus over the Thanksgiving break:” Really? Alone, the only person on the entire campus? Every single other person in the entire college had someplace to go over Thanksgiving? There aren’t even any professors or maintenance people who live on campus? I went to a small college of only about two thousand students and I knew of at least twenty people every year who stayed on campus over Thanksgiving; that means there probably were several hundred there, plus college personnel. So let’s hope that the actual story isn’t as outright ridiculous as it sounds right now. Anthony Jaswinski wrote the script and Oliver Blackburn will direct.

And the title dilemma? Well, if the violent gang are Satanists, then “Satanic” fits. If not, then neither title works.

Back to Till. He’s best known for his role in “X-Men: First Class.” His upcoming projects include the werewolf movie “Wolves,” the corporate thriller “Paranoia,” and the hard to characterize “Stoker.”

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