Lionsgate, Summit Restart Merger Talks


Lionsgate and Summit are once again talking about a merger, something the two mini-majors do quite often, apparently. The Hollywood Reporter has been able to confirm talks are happening, after Bloomberg first reported they were on Monday.

These are two very different companies. I have to admit I don’t remember even being aware of Summit prior to the Twilight movies. Then along came Bella, Edward, and Jacob, and the company’s fame and fortune both ramped up considerably.

Lionsgate is clearly the bigger player, with a larger library of films, and current hits on both the big- and small-screen such as The Expendables and Mad Men. Summit only has one more Twilight movie it can rely on to bring in the big bucks. Which is I guess why merger talks have begin once again.

Talks have always broken down in the past because of disagreements over which company was worth more and how the new merged company would be run and by whom. Will these new talks prove any more successful? Only time will tell. But I can at least suggest a new name: Sum Lions. Or possibly Lions Summit.

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