Krysten Ritter To Star In “Asthma”

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More Krysten Ritter casting news.

Krysten Ritter is having one of the busiest summers on the casting front so far. She’s got the sitcom pilot “Assistance” ready to go. She’s reuniting with Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell for the “Veronica Mars” movie, and will co-star with Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz in Tim Burton’s “Big Eyes.” And now she’s adding another project–Deadline says that Ritter will star in “Asthma,” the directorial debut of Jake Hoffman. That’s Hoffman as in son of Dustin.It took Dustin until last year to make his directing debut with “Quartet,” so it’s nice to see that Jake is getting off to an earlier start. And, by the way, nice to see that Jake is staying away from the acting side, where he’d always be compared to his father.

But back to the movie–they say “Asthma” examines the consequences of the live fast, die young mentality in NYC’s indie rock scene. Is this set in the present? Or the ’70s or ’80s? Because I think the indie rock musicians in NYC today are more likely to be found sipping herbal tea and pondering what to do with all the fiddlehead ferns in their CSA boxes than shooting heroin in a crumbling basement somewhere. Well, hopefully it will all make sense in the script written by Hoffman.

Benedict Samuel will star with Ritter. Christine Lahti and Albert Hammond Jr. of the Strokes are also in the cast.

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