Krysten Ritter Added To “Big Eyes”

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Krysten Ritter will help Amy Adams in "Big Eyes."

Krysten Ritter’s TV show may have been cancelled, but the star of the lamely titled “Don’t Trust the B__ In Apt 23,” is at least rebounding into a nice film gig. Deadline reports that Ritter has joined the cast of “Big Eyes,” Tim Burton’s next project. Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz are set to star

Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski wrote the script about Margaret and Walter Keane (Adams and Waltz), the team behind a series of paintings of big-eyed children that became a mass-marketing smash succes in the 1950s and ’60s. Margaret was the actual artist, but Walter was the marketer who became the public face of the works, pushing the products in the media, and claiming he was the one who created the paintings. The movie will focus on how shy Margaret came out of her shell to fight back and regain credit for her work after the couple split up. Ritter would play DeeAnn, the “free-spirited confidante to Margaret who tries to coax her friend to come out of her shy shell.”

In addition to “Don’t Trust…,” Ritter has also been seen on the small screen in the much more successful “Breaking Bad.” She has another TV series in the works, “Assistance.” She has appeared in a number of films, most recently in last year’s “Vamps,” which has an oddly devoted following. She’s currently filming “Search Party” with Alison Brie and T.J. Miller.

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