Kickstarter Gamble Pays Off For “Veronica Mars” Movie

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Fans make a Veronica Mars movie dream come true.

I love this story–for years fans have been clamoring for more “Veronica Mars,” the cult series starring Kristen Bell that ran for just three years. Creator Rob Thomas wanted to make a “Veronica Mars,” and Bell was on board as well. However, Warner Brothers, which owned the rights to the show was skeptical and didn’t believe there was really enough interest for them to put up the money for the movie. Well, Thomas went to WB and asked if WB would let them make the movie if they could raise the money for the budget via Kickstarter. WB essentially said, if you can raise the money that way, that will prove there’s enough interest from fans, so yeah, we’ll allow you to do it and help out.

Thomas started the Kickstarter campaign yesterday, with an eye on raising $2 million. It took about four and a half hours for them to get to $1 million and ten hours to get to $2 million; right now they’ve got $2,631,647 from 43,326 contributors (and that number keeps going up as I write this). Since I have a calculator, I can tell you that that comes to an average of $61 per person. Hey, you’d pay a lot more for a good ticket to a play, sporting event or concert, so to contribute that and get a movie you requested? I think that’s a pretty good deal.

Deadline says that Warner Brothers will help out with “distribution, marketing, publicity and legal via Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, which will help with a limited theatrical release followed by On Demand via cable and satellite providers as well as digital retailers.”

The campaign has 29 more days to go. Go to the “The Veronica Mars Movie Projec” Kickstarter page to see messages from Thomas and Bell, and also find out what kind of thank you gifts you can get for your contributions, if you care to contribute.

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